Tai Chi / Kung Fu

Congratulations! Welcome to the exciting world of martial arts! Before you start with your training, there are a few things you will likely need:

The Uniform

The first thing you will need is a uniform. It is very important that the uniform fit properly. If the uniform is too small, it will be illegal to wear in tournaments and will not allow your partner to grip properly. If it is too large, you may trip over the pants during practice, it may slip under your foot and allow you to be swept easily, or the extra fabric may tangle you when sparring. In tai chi and other styles rooted in meditation, comfort is also a very important factor.

Here is a sizing chart that recommends the proper sized uniform for you, based on your height and weight. If you don't fit one of these categories, please feel free to call the store and we can discuss the best size for you.

Size Height Weight
00003'30 lbs.
0004'40 lbs.
004'4"60 lbs.
04'6"85 lbs.
14'9"100 lbs.
25'2"125 lbs.
35'6"150 lbs.
45'11"185 lbs.
56'1"210 lbs.
66'4"250 lbs.
76'8"280 lbs.
87'325 lbs.



If you are just beginning classes and do not currently hold any rank, you will need to wear a white belt. There is no need to order a separate belt, as every uniform ships with a white belt of the proper size corresponding to the size of the uniform ordered.

Books and Videos

No book or video can be substitute a proper teacher. However, there certainly are books and videos that can aid you in the understanding of the art you have chosen to study. They make a good companion to a teacher's instructions, and can give you better insight into the techniques, theories and philosophies of your art.

Training Weapons

Different schools have different approaches to teaching these arts. Some focus primarily on teaching proper technique and form, while others focus primarily on tournament fighting or self-defense. In the schools that focus on self-defense, you may be asked to pick up some training weapons in order to practice situations where you defend yourself against armed assailants.

Herbal Remedies

Though some schools make their own, others may ask you to purchase herbal remedies, such as Tiger Balm or Dit Da Jow for specific training methods, such as Iron Palm training. Both are available here at The Striking Fist.